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Replaces paper sign in sheets
Records hours and automates reports
Organizes your committees and activities
Sends emails by activity or committee
Tracks background checks
Helps recruit for activities
Makes organizing a new school year a snap

Test It Live - Now
We've posted a sample school you can try for yourself using the actual application to prove how simple and friendly it is.

Test Signing In

Test Administration

You'll think it was custom written for your school.

Spring 2015 Special Offer
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We've extended our Free Trial Period through August 31st.

Try HelpCounter now and you'll have the rest of Summer to get to know it - at no charge. Then hit the ground running when school starts in Fall and make the most of your volunteer program from the very start of the school year! Try It Free

Volunteers Sign In On The Computer

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HelpCounter is the first and only school volunteer software that's easier for volunteers to use than the paper sign in sheets it replaces. Volunteers never have to remember numbers or codes, they just click on their name.

Volunteer coordinators love HelpCounter because it's so intuitive that they can easily get the rosters or reports they need. School administrators appreciate that HelpCounter is so simple that school secretaries are seldom asked for help with operation.

Discover what schools in over 200 school districts nationwide have learned and stop reinventing the wheel every school year. HelpCounter helps take the 'hectic' out of the new school year. Volunteers can sign up for activities and update their contact information online, virtually eliminating paper volunteer interest forms.

More and more schools are requiring background checks for volunteers and HelpCounter makes this much easier to manage.

Whether you are totaling hours, organizing committees, sending emails to your volunteers, or recruiting for events - HelpCounter just makes it easier.
Are you here to record your own hours for your school?

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Background Checksmore info
HelpCounter makes it simple to monitor and enforce background check status for your volunteers. Does your district have special requirements? We can offer a customized solution.

Manage Quotasmore info
Does your school assign hours quotas? Then you know how time consuming it is to manage. Whether it's individual quotas, family quotas, or quotas per student - HelpCounter does the heavy lifting. It will even email a monthly statement to your volunteers so they'll always know how they're doing. No more year end surprises.

Organize Events more info
The hardest part of organizing events used to be staffing and coordinating all the shifts. Then you had to send out reminders and keep track of who was scheduled where and when. Whew! Now, HelpCounter will keep track of it all, and even send out the reminders automatically.

Print Custom Badges more info
Print customized stick on badges for both volunteers and visitors. Badges contain time and date and the volunteer/visitor name. We can even customize the badge with your school logo.

New - Scanner Support more info
Do your volunteers have permanent badges? Put a barcode on them and your volunteers can identify themselves with a quick pass in front of the scanner. If you use a badge printer, HelpCounter will automatically barcode the badges.